Youth Mission Initiative

Dear all,

MYPG would like to announce the Youth Mission Initiative, ‘available’ for participation for young people of all churches. This is especially for school leavers and college students.

What is YMI?

It is a yearly mission program where:
a) Every young person comes to KLUANG for training
b) After one week of training, each team is sent out 2-by-2 to mission locations that are chosen for the teams. They will then be based at these locations for 1-3 weeks, depending on the need, and then return back to ‘base’ for debriefing and reporting.
c) This Initiative is open to all who are free during the first few months of the year.

Cost? All costs are borne by candidates (food, accomodation and travel). You may however apply for a subsidy if money is tight.
Duration? 1-2 month period. For the year 2010, it will end before CNY. Exact dates to be up soon.
How many can join? As many as your church can send.
Who should I contact?

Bro. Lim Jit Pang, also known as “Father” Jit, or “Jit” or “Pastor Jit”, all of which he may respond to. You can email him at jitablaze [at] or call him at  jilo one two, seven one one, nine jilo nine six.

All candidates must be prepared to do anything and go anywhere without complaints.

YMI 2010
Dates: January 3rd – 31st,  2010



YMI- Mission Anywhere.

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