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What Is the MYPG Worship Album?

The MYPG Worship Album is the first of its kind. It is a project to put together a collection of songs written by youth of the nation, for youth of the nation.

The premise behind this project is that we want to capture the heartcry of Malaysian Youth totally sold out for God, a generation that is not contented to be sucked into the world of materialism, but offering themselves to God and to others in honest worship. We want to begin to write and sing our own songs, instead of always outsourcing. Therefore, we’re looking for songs with a distinctly Malaysian flavor.

This Worship Album will have three phases. Phase 1 is the collecting of songs. Phase 2 is then the actual production and compilation of the album, while Phase 3 is the distribution of the actual CDs. We hope that, if the Lord permits, we may even be able to do a LIVE recording for it.

You can also watch this video.

How Can I Be Involved?

If you want to try your hand at being part of the album, and you have a flair for songwriting, send your songs in!

Please note that not all songs sent in will be used, as we have to pick the ones that best represent the spirit of the album. We also want to produce the best results we possibly can.

In addition to sending in your own songs, you can encourage your friends that also have songwriting talents to send in their own songs. Do spread the word, as we want to get as much diversity as we can.

To help with publicity, please do copy the logo at the top of the page and use it to link to this page from your blogs or websites.

What Are the Criteria for Submissions?

Submissions should meet the following criteria:

  1. Songs should be written by Malaysia youth (aged 16-35)
  2. Songs should be along the theme of adoration and seeking of the Lord both for one’s own life and for the nation.
  3. Songs must be based on personal experience. They must be heartfelt and sincere, instead of being written out of head knowledge and based on “what sounds good”.
  4. Songs must be original. If the song you are submitting is not your own, you must give proper credit to its composer(s).
  5. Songs should be in English, Malay, Mandarin, or Tamil. If in any other language apart from English, try and get it translated also, if possible.

How Do I Send in My Songs?

Submissions can be made via email to 1ampublishing@gmail.com.

The following are necessary:

  1. An mp3 recording of the songs with clear vocals and an accompanying instrument, i.e. piano or guitar
  2. A document (.doc, .pdf, .rtf) with the lyrics and chords for the song.

When recording the song, try to use a decent audio recording software, e.g. Audacity, Garage Band, Pro Tools, etc., if you have one. Record the instrument by itself first, and then record the actual singing afterwards (tracking).

If you feel your voice or skill with your instrument doesn’t do justice to your song, feel free to get someone else to sing/play your song. Just make sure to credit him or her.

The submission doesn’t have to be fancy. We just want to hear the melody clearly and get a good feel for the song, so keep it simple!

Who Can I Contact for More Info?

For more info, please contact Ryan Nair at ryan.nair@me.com. Ask him anything you want, pertaining to the worship album of course!


2 Responses to “Worship Album”

  1. MYPG Worship Album - Compose your songs and send em’ in! « JB LYPG Says:

    […] MYPG Worship Album – Compose your songs and send em’ in! Jump to Comments Hey everyone, its your moderator Ezra here again. Todays post is just a publicity post, meant to promote the MYPG Worship album composing movement. For more info you can click here! […]

  2. Josh Seb Says:

    heyyy guys… ive been to the kl lypg once…
    its awesome you guys are doing this (:
    go on and go hard for God…

    God bless you guys and girls (:

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