MYPG 2 Report

From the attendee’s view

If there was one word to describe the MYPG 3 in Kuantan, it would be ‘unexpected’. An assembling of teens and young adults to do nothing but cry out to God for Malaysia? One would only dare to dream. But with this first “mini” MYPG gathering of 2009, it is clear that God is setting in place and pressing the launch button to “more than we can possible think or imagine.”


Again it was a gathering of young people from the four regions – North (Alor Setar, Kedah), South (Kluang, Johor), East (Kuantan, Pahang) and West (KL/ PJ). But this time, the rendezvous was the east coast town of Kuantan, where winds of prayer have been fanning a steadily growing flame among the youth.

Because there was not enough time for a full scale promotion, the Kuantan youth leaders decided to make this a ‘mini MYPG’. So it was nothing short of a surprise that the number of participants overshot the target number and pushed to over 200. If this is God’s answer to a mini MYPG, what would He give when we take away the small m?


The night

The gathering opened at Tamil Methodist Church with fellowship and icebreaking on Friday night. After a short time of worship, participants watched the video “Transformation” and then prayed for the next day’s full scale event.

Before the night ended, youth prayer leaders stayed back to press deeper into intercession. One theme that surfaced was “breaking free”, and it paved the way for the next day’s program.


Morning – The day

The dawn watch.

Some of the youth prayer leaders had the burden to press for a further breakthrough before the day’s event. About 30 young people responded to the call and gathered at the church at 6.15 am, asking God to reveal the blockages sensed by many. The answer was simple: sin. Among those God laid down clearly, the primary ones were lust, pride, and rebellion.


The full-day prayer kicked off with worship and a time of repentance led by Yoshua. Following the layout that had been received in the morning, he first asked those who knowingly struggled with those sins to stand. Then, as God’s spirit moved with powerful conviction, volunteers answered the call to represent the rest in prayers of repentance. This was followed by a message by Kenneth Chin on “The Presence of God”.

As these walls of sin were broken, there was a smooth transition to prayer for the nation. Representatives and volunteers came forward to pray for various aspects of the nation: racial unity, religious freedom, and the younger generation.


After lunch, the crowd broke into 14 small groups to pray for the 14 states of Malaysia. The rest of the afternoon was spent praying for the MYPG movement through LYPG, as well as for what God is doing in Kuantan. Just before the close, Kenneth Chin was welcomed back on stage to deliver a “live-feed” message entitled “Fellowship in the Fire” from the story of Daniel and his four friends who purposed not to defile themselves. Then a call to be part of the 100,000 in full-time ministry for God brought the whole event to an end.

From the organizers’ point of view

What a way to start the New Year; for Kuantan that is, with the Malaysia Youth Prayer Gathering 2 (MYPG 2) event on the 2nd and 3rd of January, it was indeed something refreshingly new looking forward to. On Friday, 2nd of January, the MYPG 2, hosted by the Local Youth Prayer Gathering Kuantan (LYPG) and Higher Ground team was held in the Tamil Methodist Church (TMC) new sanctuary.

The event started late in the evening around 6.30pm as it was only a night session. Starting off with dinner was especially pleasing not to mention the fellowship everyone had. Praise and worship followed next after everyone had their dinner. The songs sung moved almost everyone’s hearts, if not then mine as it was speaking of a joint unity and of revival in the nation. The whole place was almost trebling to the voice of everyone jointly praising and worshipping Him. If there was one word to describe it, it would be awesome.

Despite it being a youth prayer gathering, but the uncles and aunties who came to witness this event were also worshipping and praising Him! After that, there was a video shown. It was on two cities of how prayer has literally changed what was deemed impossible. No amount of words of description could relate how one would feel watching the video of how God can turn a land, corrupted and shackled by the evil one just through prayer. Their faithfulness and persistency in praying truly was a testimony worth sharing because prayer is a powerful weapon! Feeling hyped and excited, they then concluded the night session with a joint prayer to pray for tomorrow (Saturday) as it was going to be a long day.

The next day and as early as 6 in the morning, there were already youths in church having their Morning Prayer and fellowship. The Saturday session starts at 8.30am and after an amazing time worshipping and praising Him, feeling all pumped and hyped from the rush of adrenaline, Yoshua Chua from Agape Presbyterian Kluang, Johor shared with everyone the that they should repent from their lustful, corrupted ways or evil to that matter and be humble and not letting pride overwhelm themselves. Pastor Kenneth Chin from ACTS Churchthen shared his message on obedience. He portrayed the difference between sacrificing and obedience, that there is sacrifice out of obedience and obedience itself is a sacrifice.
Needless to say, by the time he ended his message, it was lunch time. Even during this break, there were some youths in clusters singing songs of praises – a passion they truly have for our Savior. After lunch, the whole crowd of youths and some uncles and aunties broke into smaller groups to pray for the states in Malaysia. The group leader for a particular state gave a brief introduction and points to pray for that state. Some groups prayed simultaneously, some took turns praying, but everyone prayed.
Next item up for prayer was for the Malaysia Youth Prayer Gathering (MYPG) which would be held somewhere in June next year, praying for open doors as well as for the upcoming of LYPG’s in Kluang, Petaling Jaya/ Kuala Lumpur and Kulim. The next item for prayer was for the unity of churches in Kuantan, the Higher Ground and the Christian Fellowship (CF) to blossom. After that was to pray for the National Leaders Gathering, Children in Prayer, the persecuted churches and for the ministries in Malaysia led by the local pastors and elders. Pastor Kenneth Chin wrapped up with a sharing; a DREAMfor Malaysia, a dream for the youths to rise to His calling and reach out to the nation and from there then to the world. ‘The Call Card’ was then handed to everyone to fill in for the MYPG team to allocate them accordingly to their passion of serving for Him.
All praise and glory be to Him as about 115 people responded to the Call Card. We were then dismissed at around 6pm after a closing prayer by Pastor Kenneth Chin. Everyone seemed reluctant to leave, probably because of the fellowship everyone has bonded. Most of the outstation guests who came for this event went back after dinner time.

1st MYPG Report

Youth and adults from all over Malaysia, representing 14 states congregated in Kluang, Johor on the 19th of July to participate in the country’s first national youth-run prayer meeting, running from 8 am to 8 pm.

This prayer gathering is a call for youth across the nation of Malaysia to come together to pray and seek the Lord. It is also to establish and further strengthening of ties between the other prayer and youth networks in the country. It is hoped that together we can raise and mobilize a 100,000 youth in the next 5 years to channel them into the 10 pillars of nation transformation. The 10 pillars are education, health care, business and commerce, media, performing arts, NGOs, legal and justice, government, family and church which are areas of society in a nation.

Pastor Ann Low of the Malaysian National Prayer Network (MNPN), Pastor Kenneth Chin from AYA, Pastor Victor Wong, and Pastor Selva Sunther, who is the Chairman of the Kluang Pastor’s Fellowship were some of the pastors who were in attendance. Also, Pastor Bobby Majimbun, from Sabah; the Youth Pastor of Agape Presbyterian Church, Lim Jit Pang and the head of Eden Community Services, Pastor Paul Tam were also present. Pastor Martin from Labis and Pastor James from Melaka also gave their support. The total number of youths gathered were between 400-500, some coming as far as Kuantan, Kulim, Alor Setar and Kangar. Youth were represented from Johor Bharu, Labis, Batu Pahat and Muar for the Johor state.

After some icebreakers, the meeting started with an inter-church worship session led by the youth. This was followed by a short sermon by Pastor Kenneth Chin, who gave the call for young people to give themselves to “full-time vocational ministry” which is aligned with the raising of the 100,000 youth- choosing professions with a missions focus. There was also a time of corporate repentance and reconciliation. After that, the Convener for the Malaysia National Prayer Network, Pastor Ann Low, led the assembly to pray for Malaysia, in conjunction with the nationwide call for prayer at noon.

A luncheon was held with the purpose of gathering the Youth Leaders and Pastors to share the vision to raise up a generation to go into various areas of influence in society (business, education, etc) for the purpose of evangelization of towns/cities with the lowest number of Christians (less than 20). The community has agreed to continue to dialogue in the coming months to develop a network and work towards raising up leaders to go where faith costs the most.

After lunch, Eric Foo from Hebron Presbyterian Church, Skudai led in prayer for the different states of Malaysia. Then, 7 youth representatives from all over the country prayed for the youth in Malaysia. It was a cry for our fellow friends and family and for us to be the light so that all may know of His wonderful love for us all. The concluding message was delivered by Pastor Sunther as he challenged and led the youth to pray for the nations of the world. The day ended with declaring our love for the Lord’s promise land to us and our beloved country Malaysia.
(Report adapted from MNPN website.)



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