Prayer Volunteer Teams

Mission Statement: Making a difference in our community and improving the standard of our campuses through sustained prayer and consistent acts of service.

Code of Conduct:

  1. 5 members a team.
  2. Weekly get-together.
  3. Volunteer to service/needs based project
  4. Timeline (per semester/ per annum)
  5. Project must be legal (relevant authorities must be notified)

How to start a PVT?

Step 1: Find 4 other members for your team.

Step 2: Select a Leader.

Step 3: Meet together to pray (specifically for a Need to be addressed)

Step 4: Choose specific project (for example: Picking up trash, cleaning lecture halls, Blood donation initiative, AIDS awareness volunteers, start CF, start Campus Prayer Gathering (CPG) etc.)

Step 5: Consistent work on project (volunteered service must be at least once a week)

Step 6: Determine timeline (Per Semester? Per Annum?)

Step 7: All group members must agree on project and timeline.

Step 8: Draft out simple project plan.

Step 9: Group Leader reports back to MYPG for support in prayer, encouragement and updates.


What is PVT?

PVT stands for Prayer Volunteer Teams. It is an initiative that encourages prayer that is accompanied with action. Sustained prayer transcends to being relevant to the community through consistent acts of service by addressing a need to be met. Through that, improving the standards of our local community and campuses and hence making a difference of blessing.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteerism emerged from campuses and universities in the past and is still highly popular among students whom often have the means and zeal to make things happen. Therefore, volunteering is a good way to facilitate change which is motivate by a worthwhile cause of improving our surroundings by taking ownership.

Why must it be sustained and consistent?

Hyped up events and onetime campaigns have become a norm where huge amount of resources in time and finances have been put in but to no significant outcome. Therefore, we would like a certain level of consistency to be present to ensure effective improvement and impact through the acts of service.

How does Prayer and Volunteering link up?

Volunteering for a certain cause is not totally random but a product of prayer. 5 people gather together to pray and ask God to lay a certain burden in their heart for their community or campus. Whether it is organising free weekly meals for underprivileged foreign students or keeping the campus clean by picking up rubbish. All members in the group must agree on a particular act of service and timescale. Hence, to practically act out on our prayers to its truest sense.

Must the 5 people be from the same campus?

Having all 5 people from the same campus is firstly for the sake of convenience. Secondly, it would encourage ownership of our own community and communicate a relevancy to our fellow course mates, colleagues, superiors and neighbours.


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