Wake up!

hello (:

How have you prayer warriors been?

As an LYPG we’ve been slacking and feel into a transition period were everything was pretty much a blur. Things have been stagnant. We had misty vision and like in those days, went around in circles.

That is all going to change from now on.

We came together and prayed to seek after God’s heart for what He wants us to do. And finally, God has given us direction! We now have pieces of a puzzle of what we know is God’s big plan for this nation, Malaysia. It’s going to be an exciting year! You wouldn’t want to miss out on what God is doing in your Malaysia 😉

There are so many reason of why we 18 year old’s don’t want to pray for Malaysia, and maybe you who are less than 18 would agree too. Often we say, I’m too young I don’t really know how to pray Malaysia memang no hope already, this sucha waste of time I’m not good enough We’re never good enough and we’re never worthy of our callings, that’s why we often say `God, Your garce is sufficient. I have made so many mistakes in my life, most I cannot take back. I’m a sinner + a lot of other things.

Why we choose to pray for this nation then? Let me put it in numbers for you (:

1) My righteousness is like a filthy rag. And when I say His grace is sufficient for me -what I’m saying is Jesus has died for me, He washed away my sins and His righteousness because of what He has done, is the one that clothes me. I am only worthy because I’m with Him. t’s like going for a VIP party. You can’t get in cause you’re just Sue Ann, 18. But when you go with the most important person, that changes everything. You get my drift? 😉

2) I am a Malaysian. And I am a christian. Both of which were called by God for me to be.

3) I believe in a God that does the impossible. I may doubt Him sometimes, but when I look at the universe.. or even something simpler, my body and how it functions. These everyday miracles make me go `Woah God, You are Almighty :O
He can use you and it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how well you speak. Moses didn’t speak well either. And God used him ohso mightily. …If Malaysia really had no hope, then all the more we should cry out to heaven and ask the God who gives hope and is hope into this land. I ain’t gonna see my country go down without a fight! Haha, are you?

4) Prayer is what fuels the work of God. We believe that. And we want to see more of God in this nation, in our schools, universities, colleges. This is definitely not enough. We want to see changes and we want a better tomorrow. We wants to see what God has in store, His great big and marvelous plan for the nation.

5) Sings* -And we can see that God you’re moving

A mighty river through the nations

And young and old will turn to Jesus

Fling wide your heavenly gates

Prepare the way of the risen Lord

Open up the doors and let the music play

Let the streets resound with singing

Songs that bring your hope

Songs that bring your joy

Dancers who dance upon injustice

– Did you feel the mountains tremble? Hillsongs.

I don’t want to just sing of these great things, I want to live them.

So even if your green, have ear wax that you can use to make candles, and you look exactly like Shrek; If you’re a talking donkey, OR all the above, haha. We’d love to meet you!! And we’d want very much for you to be apart of our LYPG family♥

Come and see what God is doing in Malaysia.

See you Saturday!
Love, Sueann.

Taken from KlPjLYPG.blogspot.com


Christmas and its true meaning..

Christ came for the sick not the healthy..
This Christmas,
let us imitate our Lord..

Do an act of random kindness  (ARK)
A good deed never stops rolling,
and our Father who sees our secret giving,
Shall reward us in the open..


Launching of the Youth Mission Initiative!

Good news!

MYPG is launching its very own mission program, called the Youth Mission Initiative. This program is catered specifically for SPM and STPM school leavers who currently have no idea what to do with themselves for the month of January.

Please click on the tab above for more information. Sign up today! : )

1st anniversary..

is one year.

Pastor Sunther,
pastor of Peace AOG, Kluang
passed away a year ago on this day.

Here is a short clip
made in memory of him..
All glory to God..=)

The MYPG Team.


This is SOOO overdue..

we apologize for this late notification,

but if you’ve heard of it,

or are going for it,

then it’s great!!

it is a great conference which will be held


so swim, fly, walk if you must

get yourself DOWN to MALACCA!

and join this amazing conference!

For information please visit  here to download the relevant documents. HURRY UP! Time is of the essence..=)

The MYPG team.




Be there!
Time : 2- 6pm
Venue : Prime City Hotel, Kluang

MYPG team.

MYPG Anniversary video..

This comes a month late, but after much sweat, blood and tears of painstaking hours choosing footage to be added into this video, the video is finally complete! Feel free to download and circulate. Spread the message.

MYPG -Redefining the values of our generation.

Let this video take you on a journey. Enjoy watching MYPG in chronological order. It’s like watching a blockbuster only that, it’s simply better! =P



MYPG team.