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What MYPG is:

1. A move to raise the level of prayer among young people of Malaysia.

2. A move run mostly by young people.

3. A move that is covered and supported by senior pastors and leaders.

4. A move that seeks to work with other youth moves that seek to build and strengthen God’s people.

5. A move to prepare the young people of Malaysia for revival and social transformation.

What MYPG is NOT:

1. The ONLY youth movement arising out of Malaysia. There is also DREAM Malaysia, ThePlan09, etc.

2. An independent organization that is working without proper church covering.

3. A new denomination.

4. A move that seeks independence from any (existing) denomination, church.

5. Sets up prayer groups in each town by order. Rather, each LYPG that is born is started by young people themselves who want to be part of a move to pray for this nation and see genuine change.


1. What is a MYPG?
MYPG stands for Malaysian Youth Prayer Gathering. It is a national-level prayer gathering organized totally by young people. The purpose is to gather young people of this generation for full-time calling, with intention to reach out to lives with the Gospel, especially in areas where the Gospel is not preached. Scroll down to view our objectives.

So far there have been 3 MYPGs that have been called in the following locations by local LYPGs: Kluang, Kuantan and Alor Setar. The next one will coincide with ThePlan09 Youth Mission Conference on Sept 21st.

2. Who runs MYPG?
The MYPG was birthed through much prayer by Youth leaders. The MYPG concept was started in June 2008 by Youth Advisors from Kluang with the help of the late Pastor Sunther (Assemblies of God), who was the Chairman of the Pastors Fellowship of Kluang. The Youth leaders (from the ages of Form 1-5) later organized MYPG 1. The Driver for MYPG 1 was a Youth Leader, Isaac Lee, who coordinated the entire event and shared the vision with different churches in Malaysia. We hope to see youths to begin to pray and take ownership of this nation (and the nations of the world).

3. How do existing Missions agencies get connected?
We are networking with Malaysian Center for Global Ministry (MCGM), a network of most major mission agencies in Malaysia. We are also partnering with DREAM Malaysia, Change Your World Tour ’09 and ThePlan09.

4. What is a LYPG?
The LYPG stands for Local Youth Prayer Gathering, which means a regular (weekly) gathering of youth who are praying over a sustained period of time. It is distinctively inter-denominational. Its main focus is for revival and transformation of their town/city/school. When a MYPG is called in a state, all local  LYPGs from the surrounding towns or cities can be mobilized to participate and contribute.

5. How long are you guys going to be doing this?
We are giving ourselves five years (for the moment!) to mobilize and maintain nation-wide prayer. After that, we’ll see where and how the Lord leads. Any ideas and feedback are welcomed.

6. Who is with you?
For the moment, most of the churches in Kluang are fully supportive. Also, MYPG is affiliated under the Malaysia National Prayer Network (MNPN), the prayer network that encompasses both NECF and CCM. So far, since the first MYPG, there have been Youth Leaders from other states and denominations as diverse as the Methodists, Independents, Baptists and AG churches who have expressed intent to start Local Youth Prayer Gatherings in their areas. We hope to see more youth from other language groups participating (Mandarin, Tamil-speaking, etc).

We are open to any feedback and any comments. Email us at email.us.MYPG@gmail.com


MYPG team.



  • To sound a call to gather Christian Youth across Malaysia to pray and minister to one state at a time
  • To challenge Youth to give their lives for a concerted and purposeful cause of taking the Gospel to where it has not been declared (whether local or overseas)
  • To mobilize and channel  youths who are ready and willing to give their lives for the taking of the Gospel to the nations within a 2-5 year period
  • To see and support other Youth Prayer Gatherings in other states
  • To establish or strengthen state-level Youth (Prayer) Networks
  • To celebrate local Malaysian culture and to highlight songs, prayers and other initiatives by the Youth
  • To break down local language, racial and denominational barriers through prayer and teamwork
  • To bring together three age groups (Children, Youth and Young Adults) as a single working force
  • To set-up a 24/7 youth-initiated Prayer watch for the country that will last for the next 2-5 years

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