24-Hour Prayer Watch

The main objective of the 24-hour prayer watch is to bathe Malaysia with prayer for 7 days, 24 hours. During each slot, individuals intercede on behalf of Malaysia and also wait upon the Lord to reveal His plans for this nation. Through this, we hope to move the Lord’s hand by standing in the gap for the nation and to know what He has installed for this land. Apart from praying for Malaysia, we believe that this prayer movement will also be able to bring our prayer life into a higher level and to prepare us to hear from the Lord like we’ve never heard before. This 24-hour prayer watch will go on until revival happens. Therefore, if you want to join us and commit to pray for Malaysia, just tell us your name, the day(s) and the specific time you want to pray. Each slot will be an hour. May the Lord speak to you and through you in a way you would never imagine He would!

Khoo Wei Wey

Prayer Coordinator


One Response to “24-Hour Prayer Watch”

  1. Rina Says:

    Do you have prayer gatherings 6-12 Oct?
    Maybe we can join prayer during that time?

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