How to start a LYPG

The 7 Steps to start a LYPG:

1. Talk to your youth leader/advisor abt your intention to start a LYPG and get approval.
2. Talk to another youth from another church who shares the same intention.
3. Meet the other youth to discuss how, where and when LYPG should begin meeting. And also how often.
4. Set up a blog once this information is confirmed (and approved by Youth leaders from the two churches)
5. Have your first LYPG in specified location and contact us (Eunice Wong- to indicate that you have had your first LYPG and give us your blog address (or facebook group link) so we can connect you at the MYPG blog.
6. Keep LYPG going for the next 3-5 years!!
7. Come for all FWPs (national level LYPG leaders’ gatherings)

Some resources:

a. MYPG Blog (esp the ‘Available LYPGs’ section above)
b. MYPG Youtube Channel (look for ‘What is LYPG?’ and ‘What is MYPG?’ videos)

Have fun!

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