A few social injustices in our country

Malaysia is ruled by the rich and the powerful. With money, all manner of evil and injustice is tolerated and perpetrated. There is blood and a curse over our land because of great wrongs done so that the powerful can remain in power. Here is a list of injustices we would want to ask the God of Heaven to pardon, and may He intervene!

1. Unjust judicial system: The guilty declared innocent

2. Police force injustice/murder: Teoh Beng Hock and 350 others dying in custody

3. Religious intolerance perpetrated and instigated: Usage of Allah, revoking of permit of Herald, cow head protest

4. Foreign workers victimized: RELA officers mistreating, threatening and abusing our foreign friends

5. Innocent woman murdered by the govt, her blood cries out!


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