MYPG Basics

What MYPG is:

1. A move to raise the level of prayer among young people of Malaysia.

2. A move run mostly by young people.

3. A move that is covered (and supported) by senior pastors and leaders.

4. A move that seeks to work with other youth moves that seek to build and strengthen God’s people.

5. A move to prepare the young people of Malaysia for revival and social transformation.

What MYPG is NOT:

1. The ONLY youth movement arising out of Malaysia. There is also DREAM Malaysia, ThePlan09, Change Your World Tour ’09, etc.

2. An independent organization that is working without church covering.

3. A new denomination.

4. A move that seeks independence from any (existing) denomination, church.

5. Sets up prayer groups in each town by order. Rather, each LYPG that is born is started by young people themselves who want to pray and see genuine change in their schools, towns and country.


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