PJ/KL LYPG and more…

Hi guys (especially you guys in the PJ and KL district.)
Here are some need-to-knows for you guys. Please, take the time to download the files from the links below and take a look at them.


LYPG stands for Local Youth Prayer Gathering.  It is a regular prayer gathering held by youths for other youths. This prayer gathering is usually categorized by district. (Hence the Local Youth Prayer Gathering.)

So far, the LYPGs that have been are the Kluang LYPG which has been on eversince September, Kuantan LYPG (entering their 5th LYPG on 7th Dec.(SUN) ) and Kulim LYPG (2nd LYPG on 7th Dec.(SUN) ).


The PJ/KL LYPG is something new which will be going on in the KL districts. (for more info, read the PDF. file.)

The whole concept of LYPG is to gather youths(locally) together to have a consistent prayer group, praying for the nation. This is strictly inter-denominational.

Breakdown of KL PJ LYPG events for January 2009
1st KL/PJ Local Youth Prayer Gathering @ Kuantan (hosted by Kuantan’s LYPG & Higher Ground Team)
Date : 2- 3rd January 2009

Time : 8.30am – 5.30 pm

Venue: Wesley Methodist Church, Kuantan

Contact person(s):

Jasher Chew 0199855655 (Grace Charismatic Center, Kuantan)

Naomi Lim 0122327724 (Kuantan Presbyterian Church)

For Kuantan mMYPG info, download this file. Or view this blog post.


2nd KL/PJ Local Youth Prayer Gathering @ BersatUnite! Concert (hosted by TRAC Methodist Youth from KL)

Date: 10th January 2009

Time: 7.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Venue: KL Wesley Methodist Church,KL

Contact person(s):

Esther Wee 0163643934 (Life Methodist Church, Puchong)

Andrew Wong 0176630221 (Grace Methodist Church, Sentul)

For more info check on the BersatUnite concert, click here. Or download this doc for circulation.

3rd KL/PJ Local Youth Prayer Gathering @ PPBC (hosted by People’s Park Baptist Church Youth)

Date: 17th January 2009

Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Venue: People’s Park Baptist Church, PJ

Contact person(s):

Yvonne Lim 0126658407 (PPBC)

Julee Wong 0169762838 (PPBC)

For more info contact the PJ/KL LYPG team @ pj.kl.lypg@gmail.com


For KLers and PJrians, do try to make the trip to Kuantan on 2nd and 3rd Jan. We believe this is divinely planned, in His time.

The CALL has been SOUNDED…will you ANSWER it?

God bless


MYPG team.


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