The 1st Malaysian Youth Prayer Gathering (YPG)

A Call to Raise Up A Generation for Revival

Time: 8 am – 8 pm

Venue: Kluang, Johor

Date: 19th July 2008 (Saturday)


Event Highlights

8 to 8 one day prayer program (includes lunch, tea and dinner)

First of series of state-level Youth Prayer Gatherings (YPG)

Use of traditional instruments, dance and youth-owned worship music

Multiple methods of praying: small group, corporate, simultaneous, relay, etc.

All events are Youth-run (but subject to counsel, covering and support by senior leaders)

Town wide prayer. If led to, may include conducting intercession and spiritual warfare, under careful guidance of experienced intercessors

Pre-event intercession: Specific prayer groups can be invited to do onsite intercession before the event

During morning session, special guests/representatives will be invited to share about various issues being prayed for (inviting of politicians, leaders of nationwide ministries, missions agencies, etc)

Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-denominational 


Youth Prayer Gathering #1: Proposed Itinerary


Time Event Explanation/Rationale People in Charge
0700-0800 Intercessors Meeting – to meet and exchange notes  

– to cover the event in prayer

– Briefing on existing issues


Proposal for Kluang intercessors to facilitate
0800-0900 Event Starts 

Worship led by Johor Youth


Chinese (FGC)

English (Agape)

Tamil (TYF)


– Hosted by Johor youths  

– Songs sung by Youths

– Full Gospel Church (JB) to lead in Chinese songs

– Tamil Youths to lead in one or two songs


Proposal for Kluang Youth to assist in coordination
0900-1000 Prayer for Repentance  

Led by Each State’s Youth

Individual and corporate repentance

– Each State’s Youth leaders to lead in individual as well as national identification repentance  

– To repent of the following sins:

a) Disrespect of elders

b) Sexual Immorality

c) Irresponsibility

d) Racism

Proposal for Melaka Youth to coordinate
1000-1100 Prayer for Johor  



Spiritual dimension


– To present Johor needs  

– To present historical and spiritual milestones

– To pray for current situation and for revival

Proposal for JB Youth Groups to present and coordinate
1100-1200 Prayer for Youth  




– To raise up leaders in the end times to lead and pray  

– To emphasize need for Youth and Children to take up responsibility to bring the gospel where it has not been declared

Proposal for ___ Youth Groups to present and coordinate
1200-1300 Prayer for Malaysia   


Young Adults



– To Synchronize with national call for daily prayer at noon  

– To raise awareness of needs on national level

– To pray for greater religious freedom

Proposal for KL Youth Groups to coordinate 
1300-1400 Lunch   Hosted and Prepared by Kluang Youth
1400-1500 Prayer for the Nations – Unreached People Groups  

– Presentations by Mission Agencies


Proposal for Mission Agencies to coordinate
1500-1600 Prayer for the “Crescent” Nations – Presentations by Mission Agencies  

– Sharing by special guests

Proposal for Mission Agencies to coordinate
1600-1700 Tea Break and Briefing for Prayer  – Youths need energy for walking about  

– Briefing on safety and specific items for prayer

Proposal for Kluang Youth team to coordinate
1700-1800 Prayer in the Town   All teams
1800-1900 Prayer in the Town + Dinner – Opportunity for outstation youths to savor local favourites (Coffee, Kaya Buns, Barney’s Western Food) All teams + Local leaders to assist in recommendation
1900-2000 Closing – To share findings of the day (either from visions or revelations) with all  

– To announce which State will host next YPG

Proposal for Kluang Youth team to coordinate + Advisory


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